Join Our Team and Go Green!

We are The Going Green Team
and we want YOU to join us!

We are a team of everyday people who work from the comforts of our own homes. We get paid every month simply for sharing our discovery of an
  amazing manufacturer, who believes in eliminating toxic chemicals from our homes and lives, with others!

when was the last time a manufacturer paid you cash to tell a
friend about their products?

This manufacturer produces higher quality, more environmentally friendly products, that are competitively priced, and really do work better than other commercially available brands.

To learn more about our discovery, and how you could make
money while helping the environment...

Sign up to view a short presentation about the products and how they can benefit your life, and your family, here.

We market for an environmentally conscious wellness and household products company that has been in business for over 25 years, and has been BBB accredited since 1987. We offer a business opportunity through this company, which has proven itself successful for over 25 years. The webinar is presented by one of our team leaders. It provides a good presentation of the products, and explains the business opportunity in more detail. If you have questions about the company, their products, or how we work as a team, please feel free to contact
us by e-mail and we will fill you in with all the details.

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